Do you allow dogs?

Not at the moment.

Can I visit the tea room without buying a ticket for the garden?

Yes, just tell the person manning the ticket desk that you will not be visiting the garden or woodland walks and will not need a garden sticker.

Can I use a mobility scooter in the garden?

Yes, but not all areas are accessible due to the nature of the garden. Zimmer frames are not suitable as the paths are still quite rough.

Can I photograph the garden?

You are welcome to shoot still or video photography for personal use (not sold or shared for profit or promotion) during your visit. We ask that you be aware of our volunteers and other visitors, and their right to privacy, particularly when using a selfie stick. Please wait until tour guides have finished their presentation before shooting. We welcome photographers and film makers to Cowden provided their work and the uses it is put to are consistent with our aims and will not damage the grounds.
Commercial and professional photography (including tripod use) is not allowed without advance negotiation and written permission. Conserving and maintaining the garden costs a significant amount. Charging a fee for commercial and professional photography is one way of raising the money we will need. We will ask you to complete an application form and contact you to arrange a site meeting to discuss your proposal. You will be asked to conduct a risk assessment, provide evidence that you hold appropriate insurances, and to sign a contract covering the fee and other terms and conditions agreed. Please email

Do you ever close the garden during the season?

Only if there is a significant weather warning. This season we closed for one day, which was the right decision as a huge tree came down on the car park.