Help us to rescue this historical gem

Any contribution is vital and extremely welcome, so don’t let this page which includes sponsorship opportunities, put you off donating whatever you feel you can afford.

For example if just 500 people chose the restoration of Cowden as the chosen charity and donated £50.00 (plus gift aid), we would be able to build the tea house on the Island.

Friends of Cowden

List of Friends of Cowden on commissioned plaque within Garden Pavilion:
£1,000 per friend

List of Friends of Cowden within published book on history and restoration of the garden:
£500 per friend

NB: If generous donors would prefer to remain anonymous we will leave them out of all public literature.

Name a structure after a company or in memory of someone:

The donation figure includes immediate landscaping and access. The donors who sponsor a structure will be listed (if desired) on a commissioned plaque in the new Pavilion positioned at the entrance to the garden.

Island Tea House: £28,000

5 Japanese Designed Benches: £5,000 each

Arched Bridge: £25,000

Education Pavillion: £150,000

Japanese Entrance: £48,000

Revolving Sun Shade: £18,000

West Islands: £50,000

Island: £50,000

Tree Named After Donor: £2,000

5 Antique Stone Lanterns: £10,000 each

Dry Garden: £80,000

Donate Now with PayPal

Please also return the Gift Aid form below in order to maximise your contribution. Alternatively you can donate by cheque or online bank transfer, see details here.

Other Donations

For those of you wanting to donate to rescue this historic garden please complete the Gift Aid form, make cheques out to Cowden Castle SCIO and post to:

Sara Stewart
Mains of Arndean
FK14 7NT

Online Banking

Please scan and email the gift aid form to: 

Account Name: Cowden Castle SCIO
Bank: Clydesdale Bank
Sort Code: 82 62 08
Account No: 10056826
IBAN: GB 61 CLYD 826208 10056826