The Japanese Garden · Cowden Castle · Scotland    A Restoration Appeal

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6th February, 2018

The trust are working towards opening the garden on Saturday, 5th May. More details will follow.

We are looking to recruit an assistant to Kate White, our Head Gardener, the details can be found here.

Exciting News

Kate White, Head Gardener, has been awarded a bursary by The Royal Horticultural Society ( to join the study course at Portland Japanese Garden (

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We are urgently seeking donations in order to match the Government grants awarded to date. Once the funding is secure we can begin constructing the new Japanese designed entrance and upgrade the car park, facilities and paths to the garden. We are appealing to those of you interested in seeing Cowden fully restored and opened to the public for the first time since May 1955 to contribute to this exciting project by visiting the fundraising page.

Remember that by completing the Gift Aid form you are contributing an extra 25p for every £1 donated. No minimum donation……….!


Thank you in advance

Sara Stewart
Chair of the Trustees, Cowden Castle SCIO

Donate now with PayPal. Please also return the Gift Aid form below in order to maximise your contribution.

Alternatively you can donate by cheque or online bank transfer, see details here

Gift Aid Form (PDF)

"The Japanese Garden is a unique, international attraction in Clackmannanshire, I whole-heartedly support its development."

Luke Graham, MP, Ochil and South Perthshire


"The most important Japanese garden in the Western World"

Professor Jijo Suzuki
18th Hereditary Head of the Soami School of Imperial Garden Design, Japan, 1925
(National Library of Scotland, Acc: 5058)

"Taki Handa was the first and only woman to have designed a Japanese Garden of this nature. The fact that she was appointed in 1908 is of significant interest worldwide."

Professor Fukuhara
Osaka University of Arts, Japan


"In a sheltered foothold of a grassy range of hills, that stretch from sunrise to sunset, lies the gardens of my dreams. As its background softly rounded hills breathe peace, after the fierce volcanic agencies that upraised them, and long aeons of time have moulded their forms into the undulating lines that encircle the surroundings of ‘Shãh-rak-uen’, the place of pleasure and delight."

A long look at life by two Victorians
Ella Christie & Alice Stewart

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