Geotourist app

Developed during lockdown: Unique digital audio trail for The Japanese Garden at Cowden, Clackmannanshire

To listen:

· Download the GeoTourist App from the app store (Android or Apple)

· Search in ‘Discover’ for Japanese Garden, Cowden (can also search for sites ‘Around Me’)

· Click on Japanese Garden.

· Hit ‘Start’ to play the audio.

· The tour should play automatically as visitors get within range of each tour point.

· If the auto-play doesn’t work, simply play each tour point when ready by pressing on the corresponding number on the app map.

· Visitors to wear headphones when in the garden so that it doesn’t disturb other visitors.





A new digital audio tour, downloadable from the Geotourist app to visitors’ smartphones, to enhance the visitor experience for visitors to the Japanese Garden, the tour can also be listened to from anywhere in the world for free, via the Geotourist app or website.

You can use the QR CODE to download the tour by using the camera on your mobile phone.