The Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden - named “Sha Raku En, or “a place of pleasure and delight” by its founder Ella Christie - is a unique and utterly authentic bridge between Scottish and Japanese culture. In it are many unique plants and trees, as well as structures with Japanese cultural significance, and there are several walks surrounding the garden as well. This page gives a guide to some of the plants, features, and wildlife found around the garden.

Many plants and trees within the garden are representative of what would be found in a typical Japanese garden, though some are Scottish to represent the fusion of the two cultures. A good example are the 90 different moss species found throughout garden, which are gathered from the surrounding estate woodlands.

There is also a diverse wildlife present throughout the garden; the pond contains koi carp and trout, and around the garden red squirrels are often spotted. We always encourage visitors to report on wildlife they see!